House of Lords salutes BS11000 winners in Annual Collaboration Awards

Interserve and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, were recognised in the House of Lords for a BS11000 Certification that encompasses projects across the UK permanent military bases around the world. B2B tells the story…

B2B tells the story…

Question: Who has a BS11000 certification that includes projects as far afield as the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, the Acension Islands, the UK and Gibraltar, and for operations that include the development and maintenance of naval dockyards, military air bases, accommodation for forces personnel and their families and much more?

Answer: Interserve and the UK Ministry of Defence agency the – Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

At the Annual UK Collaboration Awards 2016, held in the House of Lords, Interserve and DIO formally received their BS11000 certificates for each base. B2Bppm supported the joint teams to develop and refine their existing collaboration processes and approaches not only to ensure they adhered to the BS11000 collaboration standard but, critically, to reflect the very different business operating environments, differences in local cultures and supply chains, and the different operational challenges and priorities across the four main permanent operating bases.

The B2B team have been working with the joint DIO and Interserve teams on their collaboration journey for a several years and, in addition to delivering for the MoD the initial behavioural assessments back in 2010, B2B have now completed two major collaboration reviews over the last three years involving staff at all levels across the bases in a comprehensive review of collaboration processes, behaviours and trust levels which has fed into collaboration improvement plans for each base and the UK HQ.

UK Annual Collaboration Awards Salutes Interserve & the Ministry of Defence for Certification to BS11000

Operating as they do on an international basis, the joint teams will be looking forward to keeping ahead in their collaboration approaches by reviewing and revising their approach to reflect the new ISO 11000.

Pictured below on the Houses of Parliament terrace, the award winners celebrate their success. Rebecca Stephenson of Interserve receives the BS11000 Certificate on behalf of the Interserve and Defence Infrastructure teams around the world.

For more information on the Annual Collaboration Awards, visit the Institute for Collaborative Working website.

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B2Bppm is a full service collaboration support company. B2B are recognised by BSI as ‘experts in the implementation of BS11000’ and are one of only a few UK companies to be members of the BSI consultant programme for BS11000. B2B have supported the UK ISO 11000 Committee to develop the new collaboration standard and look forward to the implementation of ISO11000 soon.