Collaborative Working & ISO 44001

Collaboration – Our Expertise

We have a successful track record in developing and improving effective collaborative relationships in major and complex projects in Government, engineering, facilities management, defence, construction and civil engineering and in the nuclear and rail sectors in the UK and internationally. Our experience includes: delivery partner collaboration; strategic alliances; supply-chain relationships; aligning joint ventures and consortia in the tendering stage; and contract delivery.

We have supported organisations to achieve and maintain the ISO44001 Standard for collaborative working and in fact, B2B are one of only four companies in the UK recognised by the British Standards Institute as ‘experts in implementing the ISO44001:2017 standard’. In addition, our input to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) project to design the international Standard for collaboration management – ISO44001 and the guidance for implementation ISO 44002:2019 and this means that B2B will continue to feature at the forefront of collaboration management practice.

More information on the BSI’s Associate Consultant Programme can be found on their website. 

Collaboration – Full Service

Effective collaboration needs people who are skilled in collaborative working and behaviours. It needs leadership to drive the development of collaborative teams and collaborative cultures, and processes and structures to hold it all in place. What makes B2B different is that we see the big picture. We specialise in collaboration performance management and have tried and tested skills in training, coaching and consultancy to deliver a full development service for leaders, managers, teams and organisations.

Collaboration Measurement & Evaluation

To maintain and improve collaboration, and to identify collaboration problems early, we can help you measure, evaluate and improve collaborative behaviours, trust-levels and the functioning of key systems and processes underpinning effective collaboration. Our measurement and evaluation systems are fully compliant with ISO 44001 & ISO 44002 requirements and are flexible enough to incorporate local tailoring.

Case Studies

Below are two case studies of our support in gaining certification:

Sellafield Sites Ltd in 2020 for ISO44001
Landmarc in 2012 for BS11000

Case Study – B2B Supports Sellafield Recognition for its Collaboration Approaches

The Sellafield Ltd mission is to clean-up the UK’s highest nuclear risks and hazards, to safeguard nuclear fuel, materials and waste. It has an annual budget of £2.2bn, an employee team of 11,500, and engages 1122 companies in its supply chain. The Sellafield Ltd project is one of the most complex working environments and a challenge to develop effective collaborative working across all the partners.

Sellafield Ltd has achieved official certification to ISO 44001:2017 for its collaborative working practices, the first in the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority estate to do so. ISO44001 is the international framework for managing effective collaborative business relationships.

The B2B team supported Sellafield Ltd on its journey to certification from 2018 to 2020. The support was in two stages:

Stage 1 – Initial work to review the current state and develop an implementation plan was carried out by B2B and Sellafield Ltd over January – February 2018. The scope of the project stage was to:

  • Create a gap analysis between Sellafield Ltd processes, structures and culture for working collaboratively and delivering the collaborative working expectations of ISO 44001.
  • To identify a roll out plan to engage key supply chain partners into an ISO 44001 way of working with Sellafield Ltd.
  • Develop an implementation plan including key actions, priorities, risks and costs.

Stage 2 – Deployment of implementation plan to support Sellafield Ltd in gaining certification to ISO 44001:2017 over the period 2018 to 2020. The scope of this project stage was to:

  • Develop the Sellafield Ltd management system to include collaborative working processes
  • Develop a relationship programme to manage key supply chain relationships
  • Develop an approach to develop key resources in collaborative working
  • Support teams to prepare for the certification assessment

Stephen Scott, Sellafield Ltd Programme Project Lead said: “We wanted to see collaboration in action and not just a set of procedures that led to certification. It needs to be a platform to work more closely with our supply chain to improve delivery performance and unlock value.”

Martin Chown, CEO & Supply Chain & Enterprise Director said: “Collaboration is key to delivering projects successfully. By bringing the power of collective knowledge we can ensure right first time in everything we do, leading to significant efficiencies. This allows us to plan for success and reduce cost. This is absolutely fantastic news for our business and following a thorough audit by LRQA without any minor or major findings is a huge achievement.”

Graham Dobell – Principal Consultant B2Bppm said ‘the key aim is integration – integration of collaborative working objectives with the corporate strategy, integration of the collaborative working processes into the management system and integration of collaborative working behaviours into how people work. To make collaboration a “business as usual” approach’.

If you would like more information on our services to support collaborative working or the implementation of BS11000 please contact us.

Case Study – Guiding Landmarc Support Services to BS11000 Certification

A leading provider of integrated support services in military training, targetry and explosive handling locations.

Landmarc wanted to build on their existing relationships, by achieving BS11000 Standard and using it to deliver value and benefits for their customer and stakeholders. B2B were asked to support Landmarc in three areas:

  • Reviewing existing processes and approaches, comparing them to the BS11000 standard and working to develop and align them with it.
  • Developing and delivering a collaboration maturity review, including BS11000 compliant measures of collaborative behaviour, trust and alignment.
  • Integrating collaborative working behaviours for implementation into the new performance management and development system.

Landmarc achieved Certification in 2013 and were one of the first organisations servicing the UK Ministry of Defence estate to implement a fully BS11000 compliant collaboration review and improvement process.

“We chose B2B because of their considerable experience in collaboration management. Their advice and experience proved to be extremely valuable.”

Operations Director – Landmarc Support Services Ltd

If you would like more information on our services to support collaborative working or the implementation of BS11000 please contact us.

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