British Industry Rises to the Challenge of COVID 19 Sellafield’s Covid 19 response

The Institute for Collaborative Working journal – The Partner has showcased many organisations for promoting, maintaining and adapting collaborative working in the face of COVID 19 – the biggest crisis of our times.

B2B supported Sellafield to achieve ISO 44001 certification in March 2020, just as the pandemic hit and has continued to support Sellafield over the crisis period. Read the summary below on how collaboration supported Sellafield or follow the link to the Partner journal and get the full account and see what other organisations have been doing.

The Sellafield site cannot simply stop as its facilities and stores need constant monitoring. So whilst Sellafield had to lockdown, with all non-essential site work halted, the workforce and supply chain had to rapidly be creative in their collaborative working and establish new ways of working. Looking forward, Sellafield and supply chain teams had to make plans on a project by project basis for a re-start, which came in May.

The sheer amount of quick change meant that collaboration was vital – both inside Sellafield and in its working with its supply chain partners and the unions. The business was able to use a collaborative working environment it had established to bring people together and get things done in a COVID safe way. And that is exactly what the business did when it came to dealing with the lockdown – identifying and agreeing joint outcomes that the projects could work together towards. The work done to deal with the issues created by lockdown, and how Sellafield found an early way out of it, shows the value of having ISO 44001 certification.

The Sellafield case study shows it’s not just about getting through a crisis – collaboration is seen as key – a golden thread that is being embedded across the business. Effective collaborative working is fundamental to the successful working arrangements for future delivery, including through the Programme and Project Partners (PPP) a ground-breaking 20-year partnership approach.