Winning Collaborative Contracts

5 Sep 2014
Winning Collaborative Contracts

Three different projects capture the range of B2B bid support services. Our clients were companies providing consulting, engineering, and programme management services and a major civil engineering, construction and design company. All three companies were bidding for contracts that required them to demonstrate their ability to work collaboratively with the client and across an alliance or integrated supply-chain. B2B provided a range of services which included:

  • Developing a team to engage in dialogue with the potential client to ensure accurate capture of requirements and issues, testing the acceptability of proposed solutions prior to tender, and to build a trusted relationship with the client.

  • Developing key team members and the nominated senior leadership team to be able to operate effectively in team behavioural assessments and individual behavioural interviews.

  • Helping to construct behavioural biographies of team members required in the tender submission.

  • Developing solutions for collaborative relationship management for inclusion within tenders.

All teams were assessed as high performers in the areas supported by B2B.

“The training was undoubtedly valuable and effort well spent. The team was focussed without coming across as coached. In my view we were in the top of the class compared to the competition that I saw".

Senior Manager, Construction Company

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