Behavioural & Collaborative Assessment

We help organisations with partner assessment and selection where behaviours, management and collaborative competencies are key to the delivery of large and/or complex contracts. To ensure you get assessment results that can be relied upon, our behavioural assessment approach complies with the only international standard for behavioural assessment – ISO 10667-2. Our methods conform to all UK and EU procurement rules to assure consistency, fairness and objectivity and our team is especially well-placed to ensure success – we have the longest track record in delivering team and individual behavioural assessments and have worked on the highest value and highest profile projects in the world.

When designed well, and delivered to the correct quality standards, the behavioural assessment centre approach is one of the most reliable methods for predicting future behaviour and competence levels of potential collaborative partners. However, if designed and delivered incorrectly, it can fail to make accurate predictions of future competence, could place a procurement plan at risk of non-compliance with procurement regulations, and could even prompt a challenge from a tendering organisation for perceived failings in procurement process.

B2B use a range of methods to test potential partners’ key competences including behavioural assessment centres, behavioural interviews and behavioural biography testing and various behavioural profiles. . All our assessment approaches are tested to ensure they uphold the required standards for objectivity, robustness, fairness and transparency.

With over a 20 years of experience in delivering behavioural and collaborative assessments for contracts valued collectively in excess of £430 billion GBP, and by working on projects as diverse as the London Olympics, UK Ministry of Defence partner for facilities support to British Forces in Afghanistan and the London Thames Tideway Tunnel project and HS2, B2B team members have the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure an effective and compliant behavioural assessment is delivered.

Case Study – Behavioural Assessment in Action for the London Olympic & Paralympic Games

Working for the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), our team members designed and delivered the behavioural assessment centre that selected the strategic Delivery Partner (DP). The DP role was critical to the success of the Games as they would provide the programme management for the delivery of the venues and infrastructure for the Games.

The behavioural assessment centre involved the senior management teams from each bidding organisation working alongside the Board of the ODA in jointly addressing several realistic simulation challenges.

The ODA review of the construction project itself said, “The successful outcome is in no small part driven by the success of the client and Delivery Partner relationship.”

The behavioural assessment “Was one of eight key success factors in the procurement of the Olympics Delivery Partner…. It was worth the investment especially in a project such as this where the success of the relationship was so vital.”
Independent UK Treasury Report to UK Parliament referencing the Behavioural Assessment.

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