B2B Supports Winner of ICW 2020 Supply-Chain Award

Since 2018, B2B PPM Ltd have been working with Sellafield Ltd to develop their collaborative working approach with their supply chain partners – achieving ISO 44001 certification in January 2020. Sellafield and their partners have continued to embed the approach through the year by using the B2B “Living with Certification” approach, resulting in a successful first surveillance visit by the certification body in November.

Leveraging their collaboration best practices, Sellafield achieved several key business results including:

  • Work by the Decommissioning Delivery Partnership and Legacy Ponds team to develop an effective way of removing waste from tanks so they can be re-sealed
  • The introduction of a concrete batcher by the Programme and Project Partners (PPP), which was procured through their supply chain saving time and money
  • Links to the Sellafield communities through the collaborative social impact programme, SiX

On 10th December 2020, the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) recognised those results from collaborative working and presented Sellafield with the Collaborative Award for the Supply Chain category at the annual awards ceremony at the Lansdowne Club in London.

This was in recognition of Sellafield’s dedication to working as “one team” with their supply chain partners and jointly achieving key business results in the nuclear hazard reduction programme.

Head of Procurement and Supply Chain Delivery, Alan Hartley, attended the socially distanced ICW event saying: “The supply chain is over half of our £2.2bn annual expenditure – so collaborative working is central to delivering: greater innovation, long term investment and sustainable relationships.”

B2B aim to support Sellafield Ltd in the next phase of the “Living with Certification” approach, which is about further developing collaborative behaviours and competency and maturing the processes that support the collaborative approach.

Collaborative Working Programme Lead Stephen Scott said: “Developing collaborative working is a key ingredient and a golden thread in support of our manifesto.”