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About us

Building and improving collaborative business relationships.

B2B PPM Ltd specialise in developing collaborative relationships between major companies, their supply chain and their public and private sector customers. Working with clients such as the Ministry of Defence and large companies in the construction, facilities management, IT, nuclear and engineering sectors, B2B PPM Ltd have the experience to help your organisation develop.

Our fully qualified and experienced team of specialists help us provide professional coverage across all our services.

B2B have been featured in many articles showing projects that the team have worked on, visit our Blog to read more.

  Meet the team

John Doyle


Partner Selection

Since 2000 John has designed, delivered and project managed over 20 partner evaluation procurement projects using the simulation-based ‘soft issues assessment centre’ approach for strategic delivery partners in IT, Defence, Nuclear, Construction, Facilities management, logistics and the London Olympics Delivery Partner competition.

The combined value of partner contracts is in the region of £30 billion (2011).

Partnering and Collaborative Working

John has worked from Board level to the ‘shop floor’ on supporting the development of effective collaborative working relationships between public sector clients and key private sector delivery partners in IT, Communications, Defence, Construction, Nuclear and Education sectors.

OD and Leadership

John has designed, delivered and project managed several large scale management and leadership development and organisational change programmes in a variety of sectors – achieving for his clients a number of national award accolades for training & development results.

Bid Team Support

John has provided consultancy, training and development and expert organisational/HR input to tenders, with several major European and US companies bidding major contracts. John has specialised in enabling teams to rapidly become effective in the heat of bidding and in developing skills to be effective in client negotiations, Competitive Dialogue and in building trust and communicating the credibility of individuals, teams and their offers.

Jayne Amato


Partner Selection

Project manager and assessor on a number of procurement competitions for long-term facilities management partners for Defence Estates. This included ensuring a ‘through life process’ of partnering development establishing connections between the ITT stage, the behavioural assessment, specific tender submission questions and their evaluation, and post award development initiatives.

Worked with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) as project manager, co-designer, and assessor to select the new delivery partner for the Sellafield site using Soft Issues Assessment.

Partnering and Collaborative Working

Supported several construction/FM and nuclear company bidding teams to build successful competitive dialogue skills.

Following the successful appointment of the Sellafield Management delivery team, work with the NDA executive team, function heads, and site facing team to build partnering and collaborative working with the newly appointed delivery partners.

Working with senior leadership teams in public/commercial partnerships to review and improve their partnership working relationships in order to enhance the contract deliverables, and provide first class service to customers and stakeholders.

OD and Leadership

Design, facilitation and project management of a Leadership and Business development programme for Europe’s largest City Council Adults and Communities Directorate. The programme has seen over 150 managers and senior practitioners develop their leadership capability and add value in supporting the Council to achieve results of its Business Transformation agenda through focused Business project teams.

Design and delivery of the ‘Futures’ programme for a leading city accountancy firm, focusing on developing future leaders of the business, enhancing the presentation of ‘self‘ and the ability to influence positively at all levels within the organisation, with external clients, and as representatives in the wider business community.

David Shindler


Partner Selection

‘Soft Issues Assessment’ (SIA) assessor for a multi-million pound procurement process on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. This was a series of 2-day assessment centres focusing on the leadership and management capability of prospective long-term partners of the NDA in decommissioning Sellafield

SIA assessor for several procurement processes on behalf of Defence Estates. This was a series of one day assessment centres focusing on the leadership and management capability of prospective long-term facilities management partners of DE on behalf of British Forces around the world.

Partnering and Collaborative Working

Consultancy support for the trading arm of a government agency in developing its strategic approach to collaborative working with blue chip technology companies, including membership of a collaboration good practice group.

360 degree feedback sessions with senior managers of an integrated project team from a public sector agency (Defence Estates) and private sector construction partners (Carillion) on improving partnering and collaborative behaviours.

OD and Leadership

Design and facilitation of a programme on continuous improvement tools and techniques, team building and making a business case for contractors in a partnership of construction companies building a North Sea oil rig (sponsored by SHELL Expro and including AMEC, Heerema in UK and Holland).

Amanda Jackson


Partner Selection

Amanda has experience of leadership, team working and partner assessment within the soft issues assessment centre environment e.g. the Ministry of Defence Afghanistan ISP project (see B2B Blog).

Partnering and Collaborative Working

Working with bid teams in team development and skills development for engaging in Competitive Dialogue in the construction, facilities management and nuclear sectors.

OD and Leadership

Supporting a construction company bidding teams to build successful competitive dialogue skills.

Working with HR Management and providing Coaching and coaching training for HR Managers training in the rail transport industry.

Conflict Resolution Coach, Coaching for Performance and Change in the IT software and food manufacturing industries.

Personal development coaching for managers within the banking sector.

Working with senior managers in leadership, management and team development within the private sector.

Soft issues assessment centre assessor for major MoD projects.

Peter Gay

Partner Selection

Design of assessment centres and training and selection of assessors to work in their own language.

Partnering and Collaborative Working

Facilitated closer partnership working between a number of large public sector organisations and their prime contractors, the building of collaborative and conflict avoidance processes and mechanisms.

Facilitated close working relationships between a UK and its US counterpart working in partnership.

Led programme between two private organisations seeking to either merge or partner leading to development of cost sharing projects and new markets.

Built regional partnerships for economic and social development in eastern Europe.

OD and Leadership

Organisation Development programmes for large public sector bodies including working at Board level, use of psychometric instruments, 360 feedback and executive coaching.

Leader of Organisation Development programmes for Municipalities, including local strategy and re-allocation of resources.

Designed and led leadership programmes for a large public sector housing organisation, including the Board and senior management.

Leadership programmes in the public sector designed to build leadership capacity to manage major spending cuts.

Performance Management consultant to a leading UK University.

Alison Milne

Partner Selection

She has experience in training of assessors for selection situations and uses her psychology background to overview selection processes in organisational and personal ‘fit’ situations.

Partnering and Collaborative Working

Her extensive use of dialogue in organisational development situations means that competitive dialogue situations can be informed from a development perspective.

OD and Leadership

Consulted extensively in the Oil sector with BP in Safety Leadership, this led to the presentation of a paper to the European Oil Show.

Consultant and facilitator in Local Government, NHS and the Foreign Office including designing and facilitating management development and leading teams through major change.

Graham Dobell

Partner Selection

Bid development, negotiation and contract management of the 25 year £5.6Bn managed service outsourcing contract for technical and property services between MOD and QinetiQ, one of the largest contracts let by the MOD.

Working with the Metrix / QinetiQ consortium bid team on the £19Bn MOD Defence Training Review advising on partnering processes and performance regime design.

Working with Prime Contractor consortia teams on contracting for partnering relationships for outsourced managed services and supporting teams through the competitive dialogue process within the defence sector.

Partnering and Collaborative Working

Facilitation of a strategic engagement programme between Prime Contractors and the MOD to drive efficiency improvement in major procurement and support services.

Consulting with major local government outsourcing services companies to develop joint engagement programmes for shared service efficiency improvement and certification to the new collaborative relationship standard, BS 11000.

Consulting for the Value Improvement Programme (VIP) for Network Rail and the Railway Industry Association (RIA) to improve contractors’ engagement and operational performance with the Network Rails project teams to meet the Rail Regulator’s efficiency targets.

Consultant and assessor for the ADS Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21), a national initiative for operational and relationship excellence in the defence and aerospace sector.

Project manager on a £250M IT/ telecommunications supply chain from multinationals to SMEs to improve their engagement and delivery performance through operational efficiency savings.

OD and Leadership

Design and delivery of leadership development programmes for over 1000 managers resulting in a customer and performance focussed culture that won a National Training Award for DERA/QinetiQ, which was only the third won by the MOD.

Programme management of change initiatives resulting in the successful outsourcing of 23 sites and 4000 staff from the civil service into the private sector as a part of the QinetiQ privatisation.

Development and delivery of training and management systems in best practice relationship management to support national and local government contracting and BS11000 certification, the national collaborative relationships standard.

Gurmail Bahia

Executive Summary

A senior L&D and OD executive with a track record of creating L&D / OD strategies to drive business performance through enhanced management capability, workforce engagement & employee productivity.

Key strengths include: analysing board-level strategy & creating L&D initiatives that genuinely facilitate achievement of business plans; formulating, leading and project managing the strategic and hands–on delivery of innovative leadership development at corporate, functional and individual level – from abstract concept to practical reality; enhancing organisational capability through superior talent management & succession planning – creating the ability to acquire & keep best-in-class employees; and embedding people initiatives through a real-world / pragmatic approach to L&D that gains superior buy-in from management & workforces.

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